Welcome Coconino Horse Trials Sponsors!

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Dear Supporters of Coconino Horse Trials,

Our 2023 Coconino Horse Trials Season is upon us!!! Entries are already open for Spring Coconino Horse Trials on May 27-28th. Entries for Summer Coconino Horse Trials I & II featuring the Western Underground ClassiDay Event (BN, N, T) are right around the corner! We are busy planning and prepping to make it a fantastic series for all!!!

Coconino does need your help though!   We have done an initial evaluation of the XC Courses and have found that with the hard winter, we will need to invest heavily in footing repair, tree removal, jump repair, and the building of new jumps! We will start work on the Cross country courses in mid-May when the park allows us access.  

Attached is our CCHT sponsorship form. We hope that you can also invest in the future of our courses. Anything you can donate is greatly appreciated - every little bit helps! Creative support is also encouraged! Do you have access to materials, equipment, or a service that may help CCHT? Bring it on!!!!

Our Coconino XC Fundraiser is June 17-18th and is a major source of income that helps offset the costs of maintaining our 6 courses, but with the rising costs of materials, labor, and basically everything, more will be needed! 

We appreciate all of you who come to coach, compete, volunteer, support, and spectate.
Sponsorship is a fantastic and very helpful way to support CCHT and keep our events going strong. We are excited to help to promote your business and honor you for helping us in this endeavor!!!!!
Please contact me for any questions that you may have. 

Kind regards,